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There is a leader in all of us, regardless of your position. When you are truly yourself and close to your core, your leadership naturally shows. And if you want more, you can radiate it towards others too. On a personal, organizational and societal level.  

Be The Wellbeing offers personal coaching and in company training on mature leadership

Be the Wellbeing Year track

The Be the Wellbeing year track is there for everybody who is ready for an inside/outside makeover.

Be the Wellbeing Year track

Naar waar jouw kompas leidt

You have assets inside and outside, and it is our mission to bring them fully to the front.


Why doing an inside/outside make-over: for a new beginning, for a fresh next step, for a new life that truly fits you, because it is time to be yourself, because you have already learned beautiful things and you want to finetune that, because you want to give it your all to realise your ambitions, because you are who you are and the world may know it.


Together with our make-over team we go for your true version every 3 weeks, during 13 sessions of 2hrs.



Do you know people where the light shines from their eyes when they talk about life? Who share with energy and zest the stories about their work, family and their entire life flow? People whose inside and outside fit like a glove, neatly are connected, like pieces of a puzzle that create a gorgeous shape?  

You know it is possible, that a hectic life where you are always running and there seems no time left for you are the consequences of your vision and choices. You know you too can move through your career and life truly satisfied. And you want the energy and clarity to realise your deepest dream, with a radiance that is truly you. As within, as without! 


For whom

  • Everybody who is ready for an inside/outside makeover and is ready to show!



  1. My motivation
    • How much do you really want to be yourself? When you truly want something, you can get it.
  2. My inside/outside
    • Does your Look & Style reflect who you are at your core? Both our behavior as our look need to have and give meaning, so that they contribute to who you really are, and strengthen your personal development and your authentic personality. 
  3. My box
    • Do you know your beliefs? Which beliefs would you like to strengthen and which ones would you like to let go? In your beliefs you discover the connection between your thinking, feeling and behavior. When these 3 parts work well together, or even better than before,  they help you to become who you are.
  4. My way
    • How do you radiate? And can you stay close to yourself? You can connect to another by resonating with that person and stay connected to yourself at the same time. With the necessary focus you can make sure that what you say, do and radiate fits who you are.  
  5. My look
    • Do you want to make yourself more visible? When you know that your look and behavior are important information sources for others, that your image is defined by this mainly, then you know you can empower yourself with this. We finish this coaching session with a new haircut. You go out with a visible and felt difference before and after all you've learned and become so far.
  6. My obstacle
    • Have you killed dragons before? At every journey there are dragons to slay to get to the gold. You face your obstacles, to change them or to accept them. The dragon will no longer blow fire.
  7. My body
    • How happy does your body make you? When you develop your body consciousness, you discover that your body works for you and how you can make it happy.
  8. My lifestyle
    • Are you living your lifestyle or another's? When you create the lifestyle that fits you like a glove, that knows to combine all your activities with enough action and relaxation, you come to flow. Where life makes you gorgeously happy.
  9. My talent
    • ‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.'  
  10. My environment
    • Do you get nourishment from your environment? When you consciously shape your environmental factors, like your work environment, your family system, your friends and your social environment, they positively re-shape your DNA.
  11. My action
    • Ok, you see the road ahead of you. But how do you make sure you take the necessary steps?
  12. My action
    • Little steps bring you to your destination also. If you keep walking.  
  13. My cut
    • And like the movies, with the cut, we know it's a wrap. When you finish this track, you have succeeded your inside-outside make-over, and you walk out with your new, true self. 


Our approach

  • We work with diverse methods, going from NLP, over positive psychology, provocative coaching to bodywork and many other coaching techniques we are satisfied about.

  • This is an experiental track where your conscious experience, reflections, and actions are crucial to be your satisfied self. 


Support material

You get an overview of your keys, your assets that make up for the life where you can move as your relaxed, vibrant self.


Your inside/outside makeover team

Make-over Team

Make-over Team

An experienced team of 3, during 13 sessions and 9 months by your side. Success, awe, and fun are guaranteed ;)


What does it cost

Private: 2650€, incl. vat

Companies & entrepreneurs: 3950€, excl. vat

KMO Portefeuille

Be the Wellbeing is recognised for subsidies by the Flemish Government. If your organisation complies with the conditions, the Flemish Government pays 30 to 40% of the amount of the training. The VAT is not applicable, that will be paid directly to Be the Wellbeing: DV.O220755. More information, call 1700  or contact Be the Wellbeing at 0496 264 976.