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There is a leader in all of us, regardless of your position. When you are truly yourself and close to your core, your leadership naturally shows. And if you want more, you can radiate it towards others too. On a personal, organizational and societal level.  

Be The Wellbeing offers personal coaching and in company training on mature leadership

Career and businesscoaching

Een Be the Wellbeing loopbaancoaching voor iedereen die werkt en zich (nog) beter wil voelen in zijn werk of ondernemingen.

Career and business coaching


Career and business coaching for you to get to work as what it was once meant to, to develop and enjoy yourself.



Do you have questions such as:

  • I want to grow in my personal and professional development, how do I get that promotion, that function, or that new project?

  • I want to stand strong, how do I face that challenge?

  • I want to change something, how do I do that?

  • I want a job that fits me, what direction do I take with my career?

  • I want stability and peace, how do I get my work-life balance, how do I deal with fast changes at work?

  • I want to fully own my creative potential, how do I get that?

  • I want to have fun and good challenges at work again, where do I start?

  • I have a difficult colleague, how do I deal with that?

  • I've had to face adversity, how do I get back in shape?

For whom

  • Everybody who works

How we go about

  • We guide professionals continuously, on a short basis, or as part of a development track according to the requested frequency. 


Ine Verlinden

Ine Verlinden

Ine loves adventure, warm contacts and interesting projects. Also in guiding people in their personal and professional development. She started at Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Vlerick Management School, followed by Strategy & Leadership at the Antwerp Management School. To better understand successful creativity and innovation she complemented this with studies in wisdom schools, since one plus one, is three. Her motto is, 'a relaxed you, is a better you' and that is what you experience in her sessions, with a smile.

KMO portefeuille

Be the Wellbeing is recognised for subsidies by the Flemish Government. If your organisation complies with the conditions, the Flemish Government pays 30 to 40% of the amount of the training. The VAT is not applicable, that will be paid directly to Be the Wellbeing: DV.O220755. More information, call 1700  or contact Be the Wellbeing at 0496 264 976.