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There is a leader in all of us, regardless of your position. When you are truly yourself and close to your core, your leadership naturally shows. And if you want more, you can radiate it towards others too. On a personal, organizational and societal level.  

Be The Wellbeing offers personal coaching and in company training on mature leadership


Conscious decisions require a relaxed state and candor on all four intelligence levels.

Our coaching programs

How well you activate and use your power healthily, defines your personal wellbeing and your results. When you manage your power, you are in flow, it is easy to embrace change and realize your highest achievements with ease. Be The Wellbeing makes sure you can fully develop your power, and hence your wellbeing, your consciousness and your capacities and that they can ‘flow’.

Managing your power healthily require conscious decisions, which in turn require a relaxed state and candor on all these levels, that is why we integrate them in all our programs:

  • Physical – your bodily ease 
  • Emotional- your emotional peace
  • Mental – your mind set
  • Spiritual – your purpose

This is how we choose to live and how we choose to work. Because great living creates great business and great working, making creative wise solutions and great results a natural consequence.


Learn to navigate yourself

Do you want to learn how you can navigate your own power better and be in flow in yourself, in your relationships, and at work, so that you can make your personal goals a reality? Discover here our coaching program or cntact us for personal feedback. 



Personal coaching

We believe you are greatest when you are the leader of your own life, when you have access to your own power and use it healthily. We take you into your personal empowerment to realise your goals, whether for your relationships, projects or all that gets you high on vibrations. When you dare to break the rules and embrace your creative powers, you can set the game you love playing.

Career coaching

In our coaching sessions we go and discover together who you are. From there we shape the best match possible between you and your work. We go further than offering tools that you can apply to your professional life. Instead, we apply you to your work. Power in action.

Entrepreneurship coaching

We coach you as an independent or entrepreneur in communicating and acting upon your values and leadership towards your clients and relations. In a creative, inspiring manner we guide you in your startup,. Also in further growth phases or reorientation, we stand by your side. So that your company is an extended version of who you are, and aspires to the goals that truly represent you and what you stand for.

Entrepreneurship coaching - Inner Entrepreneur I

When you go for growth, sooner or later you will get into contact with that part in you that will test your integrity and convictions. It is a natural law, that life will test you in how well you use your power, whether you use it for better or for worse. How bigger the power you acquire, the bigger your personal power needs to be to stay a (wo)man of integrity at work. When you get betrayed for example, then the door opens for you to practice and enhance your power. 


Family coaching

Sometimes at work we bump against the same challenges over and over again, other accents, same core. When we have tried several things, and the problem will not subside, changes are high your family patterns have something to do with it. Besides our physical genes, we also inherit our entire perception of the world. One that you apply wherever you go. In our family coaching you receive a valuable ‘systems update’. One that is adapted to the current times and thinking, and especially adapted to you, so that you are no longer withheld by old convictions but can get access to your own power and realise the dreams you have.


Relationship coaching

We are constantly in relation to others, we have relationships with family, with colleague’s, with friends, with a partner, with a boss, with clients and with strangers who also have an opinion about your work and brand. How you and the other stand in these relationships has a big effect on your empowerment and your wellbeing.


Leadership coaching

As a company leader you facilitate evolution. That of your company, within teams and in the personal development of your employees. Everything depends on how you use your power. We help you to enhance your capacities to lead these necessary changes, so that you become a leader of tomorrow. The focus we set depends on your needs and ambition. Take a look at our leadership skills list to be inspired and tell us what you want to work on. If you want a hand then we will go through it with you. Contact us for our tailormade approach and personal feedback. 

Leaving a Legacy coaching

You start a new phase in your life. When it happens when you are thirty or whether you are a ‘senior’, the accents are different but the core is the same: 'Who am I? How do I express that in the world?'. We go to find out the impression you want to leave on this world, how you want to contribute to future generations, knowing that your life does and will have mattered. Do you have an active approach to shape this period in your life? To leave – besides money- that wat truly matters to you. More than ever, we truly have more power than we thaught to shape our world.