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There is a leader in all of us, regardless of your position. When you are truly yourself and close to your core, your leadership naturally shows. And if you want more, you can radiate it towards others too. On a personal, organizational and societal level.  

Be The Wellbeing offers personal coaching and in company training on mature leadership

For you

Be the Wellbeing werkt met mensen die meer willen.

Why work with Be The Wellbeing?

Our way of working

  • We never work on one domain only, but always work with the entire person and their context so that you can activate and use your power healthily

  • We go to the core, where lasting results emerge that feel relaxed and good

  • We do not just talk, we also want you to embody your future, and make your creativity work for you

  • We work in a diverse and keen team where we strengthen each other by sharing and combining our knowledge and experience

  • Be The Wellbeing has a unique vision on mature leadership

  • We work on the ‘the bigger picture’, on systems entrepreneurship and co-create a blueprint for a healthy world

  • Our experts guide you 1 on 1 in an intimate setting or as a group, going for the plunge all together. You choose your coachings, workshops or trainings or make your combination.

  • You can be eligible for subsidies via KMO portefeuille

Is Be The Wellbeing of value to you?

Our added value

Be The Wellbeing is an added value to those people looking to use their power healthily. For those who want more consciousness, who want to manage themselves better and who want to contribute to our world. For people who want to grow. In themselves, a professional career, relationships, or because they want to leave a legacy.

Do you recognize yourself?

  • You place a great deal of importance on developing and maintaining your relationships

  • You are strongly aware of the problems of the whole planet

  • and want to see more action on them, such as transforming economic growth

  • You place a lot of value on helping other people and bringing out their unique gifts

  • You want to be involved in creating a new and better way of life and work

  • You like to address and use your creative and innovative capacities

  • You are open to experience and learn new ways of life

Than you are at the right spot with Be The Wellbeing.

A stronger consciousness about your own actions in all your surroundings.

The impact of our approach

These are the results you may expect:

  • Healthy and mature working relationships and personal relationships

  • A high satisfaction and energising work

  • A healthier lifestyle and more contact with your entire being

  • A bigger consciousness about your own actions in all of your spheres (personal, family, relationships, work, society)

  • A positive and equal culture of trust and ownership

  • A contagious healthy power


Our clients

To us our relations with our clients form the basis of our work, on the one hand because of the nature of what we do, and on the other because good relationships by far guarantee the best results. We partner with our clients to find the best solutions. And we are proud of the people we work with.

Our individual clients are starting and seasoned entrepreneurs, company leaders and professionals from all sectors. We have worked with the Social Innovation Factory, Entrepreneurs without borders (BE), Pontes Group, DANA International, TREMEC, Sensata Technologies, Kiwa, Antwerp Management School, Gemeente Rumst.

Because Be The Wellbeing is registered for KMO Portefeuille you can receive subsidies for all our programs.

For companies and entrepreneurs


Be the Wellbeing is recognised for subsidies by the Flemish Government. If your organisation complies with the conditions, the Flemish Government pays 30 to 40% of the amount of the training. The VAT is not applicable, that will be paid directly to Be the Wellbeing: DV.O220755. More information, call 1700 or contact Be the Wellbeing at 0496 264 976.

Be the Wellbeing is geregistreerd voor de subsidie van de KMO Portefeuille. Indien uw organisatie aan de voorwaarden voldoet, betaalt de Vlaamse Overheid 30 tot 40% van het bedrag van de training. Het BTW bedrag komt niet in aanmerking, dat wordt rechtstreeks aan Be the Wellbeing betaald. Registratienummer van Be the Wellbeing: DV.O220755 .  Meer informatie:, bel naar 1700 of contacteer ons op 0496 264 976.