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There is a leader in all of us, regardless of your position. When you are truly yourself and close to your core, your leadership naturally shows. And if you want more, you can radiate it towards others too. On a personal, organizational and societal level.  

Be The Wellbeing offers personal coaching and in company training on mature leadership

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Here you get to know our experienced trainers and coaches better

Our enthusiastic coaches all carry our vision about noble leadership and combine their creativity with seasoned expertise in individual, team- and organisational coaching and training.

Expertise:  Persoonlijke coaching, loopbaancoaching, ondernemerschapscoaching, familiecoaching, relatiecoaching, leiderschapscoaching, legacycoaching   Waarom Ine leren kennen:  omdat  ze lijf, lief en leden meepakt op een zeer aangename (of warme, ontspannen, leuke) manier en je samen telkens tot verrassende aha-momenten en blijvende resultaten komt.    Sferen:  Persoonlijk en familiaal leiderschap, relaties, werk en wereld   Workshops:  Sterke leiders, sterke volgers, Hernieuw jezelf, Leaving a legacy   Korte quote:  ‘Een relaxte jij, is een betere jij’

Ine Verlinden

Expertise: Personal coaching, career coaching, entrepreneurial coaching, family coaching, relationship coaching, leadership coaching, legacy coaching

Why you want to get to know Ine better: because she takes all of you on a journey to get to aha-moments together, leading to lasting results.

Spheres: Personal and familial leadership, relationships, work and world

Workshops: Strong leaders, strong followers, Renew yourself, Leaving a legacy

Short quote: ‘A relaxed you, is a  better you'

Marc Degreef   Energy - Performance - Relations

Marc Degreef

Expertise: Personal coaching, entrepreneurial coaching, relationship coaching

Why you want to get to know Marc better: because he knows in a safe and special manner how to guide you in cleaning up limiting beliefs that keep you from great performances.

Spheres: Personal leadership, relationships

Workshops: -

Short quote: ‘Your brain is your medicine'

Ingrid Crollet   Humor - Challenge - Connection

Ingrid Collet

Expertise: Leadership coaching, legacy coaching

Why you want to get to know Ingrid better: because she tells it to you straight in a very funny way, the combination of humor and growing has no secrets for her.

Spheres: work and world

Workshops: Efficient and conscious communication, Spontaneous groupflow, Leaving a legacy

Short quote: ‘Cut the crap'



Ilse Makelberge   Inspiration - Flame - Creation process

Ilse Makelberge

Expertise: Personal coaching, career coaching, entrepreneurial coaching

Why you want to get to know Ilse better: because she knows how to guide you in discovering your own unique way in a creative and soft manner.

Spheres: Personal leadership

Workshops: Creativity, Resilience

Short quote: ‘So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?'

Griet Vanlathem   Shine - Self power - Balance

Griet Vanlathem

Expertise: Career coaching, entrepreneurial coaching, leadership coaching, legacy coaching

Why you want to get to know Griet better: because she likes to support people in their proces so that they can take the next step in their career and life project.

Spheres: Personal leadership, work and world

Workshops: Personal branding, Tuned and connected speaking, Diversity and out of the box, Leaving a legacy

Short quote: ‘Find balance and all will be well'


Dette van Zeeland   Community- New world of work - Cocreation

Dette van Zeeland

Expertise: Personal coaching, career coaching, entrepreneurial coaching, teamcoaching, organisational coaching

Why you want to get to know Dette better: because her enthusiasm and expertise in working together more fluently combined with discovering your present drivers will trigger you in instant action.

Spheres: Personal leadership, work

Short: 'We move from ego-centric to socio-centric cultures and I love it!'

Christa Mulders   Beauty - Growth - Values

Christa Mulders

Expertise: Careercoaching, organisational coaching

Why you want to get to know Christa better: because with all her years of corporate experience, she is a driven woman who overcomes challenges and always wants to keep growing further together. 

Spheres: Personal leadership, work

Workshops: -

Short quote: ‘Growing and blooming'